time to hire

You invest a lot to make recruitment work, so the last thing you need is to lose good candidates because of slow screening or background checks. All giant screening processes are designed for speed and efficiency to positively affect the time to hire - allowing you to focus on recruitment.

your candidate's experience

You work hard to create a great candidate journey. At giant, we know how to make the experience even better. All candidate screening interactions can happen within your own branded web environment, mobile-optimised for anywhere-anytime convenience. And every communication with candidates says what you want it to, not yawn including off-the-shelf waffle.


Our smart technology means that we can cut countless, costly, labour-intensive processes from the screening process. With giant, you'll benefit from lower costs, freeing everyone to focus resources on exceptional client and candidate support.


Thanks to our comprehensive screening processes, you get meaningful information - which helps you identify the right and wrong people for your business.