With the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill nearing the point of becoming law, trusted providers of employment screening and identity verification services are encouraging employers to ensure they have appropriate risk mitigation measures in place when it comes to hiring.

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill will deliver:

  • reforms to Companies House
  • reforms to prevent the abuse of limited partnerships
  • additional powers to seize and recover suspected criminal crypto assets
  • reforms to give businesses more confidence to share information in order to tackle money laundering and other economic crime
  • new intelligence gathering powers for law enforcement and removal of nugatory burdens on business

This Bill suggests these set of measures are designed to crack down on criminal activities in the UK, including corporate and employee fraud, which have become more sophisticated in recent years. If these proposals pass the final stages of parliamentary review, employers could potentially find themselves facing greater legal accountability for failing to prevent certain types of fraudulent activities within their organisations. This highlights the importance of establishing a comprehensive background check program in collaboration with a trusted screening provider.

Creating this program not only helps mitigate the risks associated with making poor hiring decisions but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, offering peace of mind to HR professionals and individuals involved in talent acquisition.

safeguarding your business from criminal scams

In a dynamic world where digital transformation is the norm, Mat Armstrong, CEO at giant screening, highlights a looming challenge: the rise of fraudulent behaviour amidst the backdrop of an evolving, flexible, and remote workforce. It's a narrative that paints a vivid picture of the modern corporate landscape.

As he delves deeper into the issue, Mat sheds light on the urgency of the situation. The impending Bill, now on the cusp of becoming law, entices businesses and their leaders to shoulder a more enhanced responsibility in the fight against deceptive candidates. It's a call to action, a crucial pivot point.

But the path ahead is far from a stroll in the park. The modern workplace, with its growing reliance on temporary and remote staff, presents a conundrum. How do we keep a watchful eye on activities when the workforce is scattered and transient?

Intriguingly, the challenge isn't just about meeting the new legislation's requirements; it's about navigating the complex terrain of modern work arrangements. It's a puzzle that demands innovative solutions and a rethink of traditional monitoring methods.

structured suitable screening methods

Nevertheless, businesses can exhibit their dedication to thoroughness by implementing structured and suitable screening and vetting methods, thereby minimizing potential risks to their operations. Intriguingly, a recent study on hiring practices suggests that approximately one-third (33%) of employers have yet to adapt their candidate evaluation processes in light of the increasing prevalence of remote and contingent work. These companies may come under increased scrutiny if the proposed legislation is passed, emphasising the importance of adjusting to the changing landscape of employment practices.

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