what is fast check?

Introducing fast check, our cutting-edge screening tool designed to revolutionise the screening process for faster and more efficient results, while maintaining accuracy. Powered by our trusted partner Konfir; fast check securely integrates with online banking apps to verify employment history, gaps, and undeclared employment without delays.

Workers have full control over their personal data, with access only granted with their consent. The system ensures one-time, single-purpose access for enhanced privacy.

Fast check offers flexible deployment options. It can seamlessly integrate into the screening process from day one, verifying candidate information right from the start. Alternatively, it can complement existing security screening practices by using data from reference requests to ensure compliance.

fast check was created for three main reasons:

Improving efficiency: By automating parts of the screening process, fast check significantly improves efficiency, saving time and resources needed for candidate verification.

Enhancing candidate experience: fast check streamlines the candidate onboarding process, making verification quicker and easier while ensuring compliance.

Addressing industry demands: The introduction of fast check was in response to the industry's evolving needs, emphasising the importance of speed, accuracy, and compliance in the screening process.

We collaborated closely with our customers to ensure clear communication about the benefits and reliability of this innovative screening solution, helping candidates embrace its advantages.

what has been the impact of fast check? 

The impact of fast check has been transformative, revolutionizing our screening process with enhanced efficiency, reduced turnaround times, and improved accuracy in candidate verification. This positive change was achieved through close collaboration with our customers and HR teams, redefining and striking the right balance in our processes.

Fast check significantly improved candidate onboarding, making verification quicker and easier while maintaining compliance. Candidates responded positively, appreciating the speed, convenience, and assurance provided, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

The connection rates were consistently high among different case study groups, influenced by factors such as the nature of work and the stage in the screening process.

We continuously refine our processes to address challenges and ensure optimal outcomes and customer & candidate satisfaction, maintaining a commitment to balancing speed with compliance.

5 star feedback!

Candidate feedback on fast check has been overwhelmingly positive. The tool's ease of adoption and positive candidate experience have left a strong impression. Many candidates have praised the fast turnaround time, with verifications completed within 2-3 minutes. One candidate even commented, "Far quicker and easier than I was expecting." Such feedback highlights the effectiveness and efficiency of fast check in delivering a seamless and satisfactory candidate experience.