from £20,000 to £60,000: changing penalties for UK employers hiring migrant workers without right-to-work checks in 2024

As the immigration landscape evolves, employers encounter difficulties when attempting to recruit staff from outside of the United Kingdom. A survey conducted by Coventry University reveals that a staggering 96% of employers lack confidence in employing migrants from outside the EU, including refugees. One significant reason behind this caution is employers want to ensure they can satisfy the right-to-work criteria for each new hire.

Sometimes, it is evident that HR, talent, and onboarding functions may not have received adequate training in order to satisfy the legal requirements including the knowledge and ability to recognise documents that prove an individual's right to work in the UK including visas and the utilization of share codes.

The Right to Work is a critical aspect of the employment process, ensuring that individuals are legally authorised to work in the country. For employers, verifying a potential employee's Right to Work status is a legal obligation aimed at preventing illegal employment and protecting the rights of both workers and employers.

However, the lack of training in recognising and understanding the documents that prove an individual's Right to Work creates uncertainty and apprehension for employers. They may find it challenging to navigate the complex web of immigration documents, especially when dealing with migrants from outside the UK. As a result, employers might hesitate to consider these candidates for fear of violating immigration laws or unintentionally employing someone without proper authorisation.

Moreover, the consequences of hiring individuals without the Right to Work can be severe, ranging from fines to legal liabilities, and even reputational damage to the organisation. It is said that in 2024 bosses who hire migrants who don't have the right to work in the UK could face fines of up to £60,000 rather than £20,000  under new government plans to deter Channel crossings. Therefore, it is imperative for employers to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and training to confidently handle Right to Work checks and ensure compliance with the law.

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