Today, your organisation is driven to onboard as many new employees as possible, and as quickly as possible. But it is often difficult to
do both. If the recruitment process is too time-consuming or complex, potential candidates will leave. But lack of security can lead to
the risk of bad hires and fraud.

Employee onboarding is integral from a human resource perspective. It is significant as it plays a vital role in performance management,
branding, enhancing working experience, etc. The onboarding process is a strategic plan for any organisation to avoid employee
turnover. According to a study, 22% of new hires look for job replacement within the first 45 days of hiring while 33% consider a new
job just within 6 months of working at their existing company. The cost of replacement is more than companies realise. Research
shows that the cost of replacing a regular employee range between 16% to 20% of their annual salary.

However, onboarding is also significant from a security standpoint. Employees can put your organisation at risk through their activities
that may have been carried out with or without fraudulent intent. Businesses need to be aware of these threats that come from
employees who were hired, trained, and went through the onboarding process.

Onboarding ensures the new hires are integrated with the company culture and norms, a way to make them feel comfortable with their
new role and responsibilities. Onboarding can also be classified as organisational socialisation activity.
However, as the new employee enters the organisation, there are many considerable points that are critical to the integrity of the
business from a security point of view.

According to research, the fastest way to breach company security is through an employee. Hence, it is fundamental to have an
onboarding plan based on company security and protection.

Adequate pre-employment screening and security training can ensure your business is protected.

pre-employment screening

The world has seen a rapid shift towards remote working in this past year because of the pandemic. Like everything else, onboarding
relies on technology. Hence, to confirm the new hire is who they claim to be adequate screening is important. Pre-employment
screening can help build the credibility of the new hire. Satisfactory screening of new employees can ensure businesses stay protected
and compliant with standards and regulatory requirements.

security training

Employees are the most important asset for any company. When an employee joins an organisation, they have access to all the
sensitive information and resources. It is important that you take them through security training to explain the possibilities of cyber
threats and introduce them to company data protection policies. Stressing the benefits of security awareness makes your employees
more vigilant, keeping your organization safe.

outsourcing your onboarding

If your company aims at developing an equal opportunity environment for fresh hires while managing security, it’s about time you make
the right decision. A good onboarding strategy is more than paperwork, it is about embracing the new employees into the existing
teams and delivering them all the necessary information about organisation’s security standards and procedures.
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