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gohenry– giant screening case study


the client

gohenry was founded by a small group of friends who wanted a simple, meaningful, and common-sense solution for kids’ money management. They soon realised that no such product existed. So, as parents, they went and crafted something that firmly placed the control in young people’s hands, while giving other parents the visibility to guide kids through their first contact with money. And they made the experience fun: a vibrant and interactive app and cards kids could get excited about. They’re all about empowering kids to step into the world equipped with the money skills they need for life, supported by their parents.

Visit their website to find out more https://www.gohenry.com/uk/


gohenry has been hiring new talent fast as part of their massive major growth plan and needed a slick onboarding process to help them streamline the process and create the right impression with their new hires.

the solution

Rather than being a third-party screening service provider for gohenry, giant has actively tried to become a part of the embedded onboarding process and took the time to train any new staff gohenry had in their team. "They're really good to work with. They understand your business and what matters, and they always provide a friendly, professional service. ", Charlene Jackson - Head of People.

the results

It is crucial for gohenry to onboard the right people in the team. The work ethics and the values at giant screening align well with gohenry. Partnering with giant has allowed gohenry to streamline their onboarding process with quick and easy background checks.


Efficiency is crucial and gohenry like to onboard everybody quickly and giant makes that happen for them.

about giant

Since 1992 giant has provided specialist, end-to-end workforce management software and support services for organisations of all sizes. Globally.

We invest heavily in our cloud-based software which ranges from talent acquisition and onboarding through to timesheet management, billing, and payroll. Our support services include candidate screening, employment solutions, and legislative risk management including employment status advice.