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Restore plcgiant screening case study


the client

Restore is formed from five business units, who together offer organisations a holistic approach to the management of their data, information and assets. Visit their website to find out more

the challenge

Restore plc had been working with five different employee background checking providers prior to making the move to giant. Restore plc reviewed the type of service delivery, and it was fair to say that some of those providers were falling below the standards that they wanted to screen their employees to.

the solution

Restore plc wanted everything in a portal, whereas some previous suppliers were still using paper. Data is everyday business for Restore plc, and wanted to make sure they got maximum security around the information of the candidates. From the start, giant displayed a high level of professionalism and showed understanding of the types of checks that Restore plc wanted to undertake. Restore plc found the technology that giant uses, the platform where they can register the candidates and can then upload their information, that was simple and easy to use. For every business unit giant offered a different workflow to enhance the candidate experience. The team at giant was very responsive and the setup time was simple, quick, and painless.

"We couldn't ask for a better turnaround time when we've got queries or when our candidates have got queries as well. And it's a swift solution as well. So, it's not just the response time, but the solution provision is really good.", Mandy Hopper - Head of People Services.

about giant

When it comes to screening and onboarding your candidates, you need a fast and flexible solution, so you don’t lose talent, this is why companies outsource to giant. We are passionate about your candidate's journey, therefore, provide the technology and industry knowledge you need to bring them onboard efficiently and compliantly.

BS7858 is a British Standard that helps organisations screen individuals employed in an environment where the safety and security of people, goods or property is essential. It is safe to say that the checks associated with BS7858:2019 can be very time-consuming, so it makes sense to outsource this process to a screening specialist like giant.

Our experienced team of screening experts, exceptional service levels, and market-leading technology ensure fast turnaround times, reducing your time to hire, delivering cost savings whilst remaining compliant with the BS7858:2019 standard.