adverse financial history (detailed)

Checks publicly available data to reveal any adverse information, including: CCJs, bankruptcies, voluntary arrangements, decrees in Scotland and administration orders includes the adverse financial summary check data, plus adverse information over the past 6 years at a linked address, as well as detailed CCJ data relating to results matched within the summary check.

The results will be matched with the data input; full name (including middle if supplied), DOB and address. The results will show aliases, linked addresses and adverse information including notice of corrections associated with the individual.

international adverse financial history

Every country has it own process and legal requirement for conducting local financial record checks. At giant we have access to financial record checks in every country and manage the application process start to finish.

international identity verification

Verification and validation of an approved identify document to confirm the applicant identity.

identity verification

Checking the individual is who they say they are using 3-digit profiling:

  1. proof of existence or residency – that an entity exists, or an individual lives at a given address
  2. identity – that the person or entity is who they claim to be
  3. alerts – any information that may alert the enquirer that they should take extra care when verifying the person or entity. Also electoral roll and rolling register data for in-putted addresses.

directorship search

Search conducted against companies house data to indicate if the candidate holds any current/previous directorships or is disqualified. Will return details and dates of directorships.

international identity verification

Every country has it own process and legal requirement for conducting local directorship checks. At giant we have access to directorship record checks in many countries and manage the application process start to finish.

driving license report (DVLA)

Confirmation from the DVLA of the licence validity, type, entitlements and details of any endorsements.

passport/VISA MRZ verification (global)

The system will use OCR to electronically interrogate the passport and via an algorithm linked to the data held in the MRZ zone and on the passport give confidence in its authenticity. It will deliver a pass/fail result.

sanctions/anti-terrorism/AML checks (global)

Sanctions checks are specialised searches that include a number of government sanction databases (for example OFAC, HMRC etc.) that identify individuals who are prohibited from certain activities or industries.

Sanctions checks may be performed by a wide range of employers and are often required in regulated industries like financial services.

This checks for sanctions, enforcements and warnings in the UK and worldwide. The search includes individuals known or suspected to be affiliated with terrorism, money laundering, fraudsters, drug trafficking, arms dealing, war crimes, white collar fraud or other illegal activities, as well as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s). Also sometimes referred to as a Public Safety Check.

eligibility to work

We will collect all relevant documentation from the applicant (including passports, BRP, visas etc) and confirm that we hold documents that would constitute and individuals right to work in the UK. Any exceptions would be highlighted.


international regulator register search

Many countries hold a regulated persons database similar to the FCA in the UK. At giant we have access the information in the country that is relevant to the applicant and returns any information held regarding the applicant.


CIFAS, (internal fraud database)

Also known as Staff Fraud Database this check is only available to clients that are registered members of the CIFAS internal fraud database. We check against database to discover any employees known to have been registered on it for instances of internal fraud.

FCA register check

The Financial Services Register is a record that shows details of firms, individuals and other bodies that are, or have been, regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and/or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The register contains the applicants name, status, FCA reference number, controlled functions, current employer name and start date, as well as any previous employers where the person worked in a controlled function, with start and end dates. The details and dates of any disciplinary action taken through the FCA are also listed in the search results.

adverse media search (global)

Adverse media screening, also known as negative news screening, is the interrogation of public data sources and third-party data sources for negative news or broadcasts associated with an applicant. Over 12,000 media sources are searched spanning international, national and local newspapers, business newspapers, trade, business and academic journals plus corporate news releases and news wires. The archive stretches back to 1971 for some publications.

This provides selected results based on a search using an online search engine and media feeds against the candidate’s full name. This will reveal any negative information that has been publicly reported on the individual.

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