Right-to-work (RTW) checks are an essential part of the recruitment process. Mandatory or recommended employee background checks can differ with each job role and sector, but every employer has a legal obligation to conduct document checks on all employees to verify that they have permission to work in the UK.

As the UK’s fastest-growing screening company, we can help you ensure maximum compliance with right-to-work check guidelines. Our Right to Work service uses the latest ID technology alongside our robust screening and validation processes to provide a fast, all-inclusive & compliant service.

Working with giant screening on your right-to-work checks can help you prevent illegal working and avoid all home office penalties.

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what will the process look like?

The digital RTW and digital ID checks will be integrated with our service delivery system. 

At giant screening, we will be conducting these checks on behalf of the employer. By conducting these checks, we can assist the employer with the Statutory Excuse for UK RTW.

required documents

Only the below-listed documents are acceptable for verifying the digital identity for UK RTW checks,

  • Current and valid British passport
  • Current and valid Irish passport
  • Current and valid Irish ID cards

the employer duty

It is recommended that the employer verify the details on the output from the IDSP identity check are consistent with the individual presenting themselves for work. This is required to be certain that the individual is not a fraud.

Along with this, the individual must retain the evidence of the online right to work check. By the law, this information must be retained during employment and 2 years afterward. After the said duration, the records must be destroyed.

share code for non-UK/Irish citizens

At giant screening, we can help with the digital checks for non-UK and Irish citizens. For any applicant, that is not a citizen of the United Kingdom or Ireland, we will request a share code directly from them, providing the confirmation and results from the online check. However, the employer will still be required to verify the details with the individuals presenting themselves for work. Along with this, rules for retaining the evidence remain the same.

the process when the candidate does not have a share code – applicable for non-UK/Irish citizens

For candidates who do not have a share code, we will obtain documents from List B, detailed within An employer's guide to right to work checks. These documents must be obtained to complete the check using the Employer Checking Service

the process when the candidate has a valid passport – applicable for UK/Irish citizens

The UK/Irish candidates in scope, (current passport) will be sent a branded email or SMS to invite them to complete digital RTW checks online using a secure direct link. The candidate is asked to take an image of the required document along with this they are guided to take a selfie using a mobile, tablet, or desktop camera. The system performs liveness detection, facial biometrics, and document validation. giant provides IDV report where the candidates identity is checked to regulatory standard. The RTW results are included in the candidate screening report. The report clearly details all the alerts or important considerations.

The process when the candidate does not have a valid passport – applicable for UK/Irish citizens

Candidates without a current UK / Irish passport cannot verify their RTW ID digitally, and face to face checks must take place from the 1st October. Our right to work service will highlight these candidates to you for consistency of data and processing. Our existing document validation services can still be used to authenticate documents (like expired UK passports) being seen in person for extra validation in addition to the in-person checks, increasing compliance and providing reportable data.

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