document requested

As part of the screening process we can request that your candidates supply any documents you require. This could be anything from certificates to insurance documents.

document supplied

You can also supply any documents that you require and decide how these documents will be treated. It can be just for information, require a mandatory download/acceptance or need to be downloaded, completed and uploaded. Typically these are onboarding documents such as compliance handbooks or policies.


Our screening solution has DocuSign integrated so you can request any forms be completed by your candidates. This can be anything for example contracts, working time opt out, pension forms, expression of wish forms, HMRC new starter forms etc.

occupational health

If your candidates go through an occupational health process we can include this as part of the screening process. Typically this involves us working with your preferred supplier to instigate the occupation health process, alternatively you can use DocuSign or the 'additional questions' functionality in the system.

FCA fitness and propriety questions

As set out in the FCA handbook “FIT 1.3 assessing fitness and propriety” we include a number questions in the process for either applicants or existing staff rechecks that are recommended by the FCA in assessing the fitness and propriety of a person to perform a particular controlled function.

additional questions

As part of the applicant process you can add in any question you require and format the responses. Typically this is used as part of the onboarding process to capture information for example, next of kin, equalities monitoring, bank details etc.


Why not do more than just background checks? The giant employee screening platform includes DocuSign, so that your applicants can electronically sign and complete documents such as contracts and other onboarding documentation associated with their role. With DocuSign you also get the added benefit of paperless storage and an electronic audit trail.

We deliver seamless onboarding support to improve the candidate experience. Your candidates can sign contracts and confirm acceptance of company branded documents in one place, online. As part of the onboarding process, we will capture all of the information you need to for your new starter from bank details to next of kin all the way through to health questionnaires and equal opportunities monitoring.

To help with compliance and onboarding, our flexible platform can also be configured to:

  • a mobile-friendly environment
  • ask bespoke questions
  • request the applicant to accept documents
  • e-signatures and electric form filing
  • request and track the upload of any document
  • deliver the document to the applicant
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