Globally, most organisations who have a requirement to conduct either landside or airside vetting on their new hires find the process both frustrating and challenging.

In the UK, whilst the regulatory standard is set by the CAA, it is adapted and interpreted by each pass office slightly differently, often leading to confusion, extra administration and ongoing compliance issues relating to the acceptance and rejection of files by the airports pass offices on an on-going basis.

Working in line with UK legislation set out by the CAA, we deliver the defined vetting checks which include:

  • Proof of identity (Proof of address and photographic ID) including right-to-work verification. Digital right-to-work solutions are available for British and Irish passport holders.
  • 5-year activity verification (including employment referencing, education verification, gap periods over 28 days, unemployment verification)
  • Basic criminal record check (Disclosure Scotland in Scotland, Access NI in Northern Ireland)
  • Overseas criminal record checks for periods of 6 months spent outside the UK in the last 5 years.
  • GSAT accreditation where requested.
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With airports globally governed by stringent regulations, and the time taken to gain an airside pass often being the stumbling block between talent engaging with a company or finding alternative employment, outsourcing airside screening can often feel daunting.

At giant screening we are here to streamline that process and ease the burden associated with pre-employment screening in the airside space.


the benefits of outsourcing to giant screening

candidate experience
Candidates who travel through our service are truly looked after. Our knowledge and experience in the sector ensure they are supported by true subject matter experts.
strong relationships
Ongoing knowledge from our highly trained, specialist case handlers means that any changes to processes or legislation are implemented ahead of time, ensuring no rejected files.

Ongoing knowledge from our highly trained, specialist case handlers means that any changes to processes or legislation are implemented ahead of time, ensuring no rejected files.

account management
We will support you through each season and beyond. Our service delivery team are on hand to deliver tailored support and advise bespoke to you.
Technology which integrates and streamlines processes, providing a hassle-free journey for each candidate.
management information & reporting
We know this is vital to a successful season, especially with high volumes of hires within a short period of time. We will develop a reporting programme that is fit for purpose, designed to your specific requirements.
accessibility & availability
Service is provided outside of core working hours, 6 days a week. This means candidates and referees can gain support outside of standard working hours where required.
quality assurance
All files are signed off to Authorised Signatory status and we accept files aren't completed until a candidate has a pass in their hand!

At giant screening, we have over 50 years of combined experience delivering high volume, customer and candidate-centric airside vetting across the UK and globally.

We hire the best in the business; approved authorised signatories who have delivered season after season and know the challenges faced by organisations - time is of the essence and course start dates cannot be missed. We have an extremely low rejection rate from pass offices across the UK and our turnaround times are much quicker than those currently set in the industry.

Aviation screening is specialist and highly regulated.  We would never allow a case handler to work on airside vetting without extensive training post their induction training. This means that our customers can rest assured that the resource allocated to them is trained by some of the best in the business, to the highest possible standard.

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