social media report

A comprehensive, global check of a candidate’s social media postings. We will identify their social media accounts, flag any content that falls into agreed risk categories and deliver an easy to read report of the results.

standard report

A broader check that looks across all information online that relates to the individual. Report includes social media, adverse media, directorships, employment and education identifiable online as well as any other business relevant online material in any language. All information shared is part of the candidate’s digital trail so will never include any false positive information. Ideal for more sensitive roles such as regulated roles, finance or IT.

investigation report

A deep dive review of all online information on the individual globally as well as a review of the candidates close network to assess their reputation. News, employee feedback, customer feedback, global directorships and other sources will be used to build a detailed picture of the cultural fit of this individual. This report is aimed at senior management whose reputation is likely to be reviewed by investors, journalists or other interested parties. 

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